President – James A. Huber, CEM, CMVP, LEED A.P., NCP

As President of Complete Commissioning, Jim Huber is responsible for the overall operations of the company, overseeing all departments. His hands-on involvement in every commissioning project undertaken by Complete Commissioning is due to his enthusiasm for the testing process and his belief that every Owner deserves a facility that is turned over with efficiently operating and properly integrated systems. He is a Certified Energy Manager, and has extensive experience with BACNET, LON, MODBUS, and other building automation protocols and communication networks. He has programming, tuning, and testing experience with multiple systems and applications, as well as extensive experience in sound and vibration measurement, troubleshooting, and remediation. It is this skill set combined with over 20 years of experience that provides him with his unique knowledge and troubleshooting ability to identify installation, performance, and integration issues, resulting in properly functioning and efficient buildings.

Principal – Jimmy C Cachola, P.E., LEED A.P., QCxP, CBCP

With a Mechanical Engineering background and more than 20 years as a mechanical consulting engineer, Jimmy Cachola is able to offer Complete Commissioning’s clientele the benefit of firsthand mechanical systems design and manufacturing knowledge, an asset in understanding the total integration of systems that is the core of the commissioning process. Mr. Cachola’s experience with federal, state, and local government agencies has exposed him to the stringent requirements necessary to deliver a properly functioning and efficiently operating facility for public use. He has designed systems ranging from ice storage and central boilers to complete HVAC systems and 2-pipe unit ventilators. His commissioning experience encompasses multiple types of commissioning activities including OPR (Owner’s Project Requirements) development, Commissioning for LEED fundamental and enhanced commissioning requirements, retro commissioning activities and ASHRAE Guideline commissioning.

Principal – James W. Rogers Jr., QCxP, CDT

Jim Rogers’ motivation and commitment to deliver an efficiently operating, properly functioning building to an Owner stems from his meticulous project management style as a Project Manager for numerous public and private projects. He has led teams of Mechanical Engineers, coordinating design work from initial scope development to construction completion, including liaison with the client and supervision of sub-consultants. An area of special expertise and knowledge for Mr. Rogers is laboratory and clean rooms; he has been instrumental in the selection of ventilation and exhaust systems for R&D facilities and laboratories for major genetic research, pharmaceutical and biomedical companies. His knowledge of the appropriate options and requirements for environmental and proper safety conditioning, such as HEPA filters, variable or constant volume fume hoods and exhaust systems, sealed lighting fixtures, stainless steel and fiberglass ductwork and scrubbers, is essential to the successful and safe design and operation of numerous private and government buildings. As a CSI certified professional, Mr. Rogers possesses the unique skills necessary to develop the technical documents that permit seamless integration of LEED’s specific requirements into a project. His understanding of the construction process is an asset in delivering quality commissioning of building systems.